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EXPIRED | Steel City Skillets Giveaway | Kings Family Restaurants | Life, Eat It Up!™

EXPIRED | Thank you to all who entered the Kings Steel City SKillets Giveaway! Congratulations to Tina W, Sharon T, Amy W, Richard K, Myla P, Kathy K, Linda Z and Chris C! Please check your email & reply back within 24 hrs to claim your prize!

Have you enjoyed a Kings Steel City Skillet yet? Our special skillet menu is already a certified Kings fan favorite!

We have 8 AWESOME Kings Steel City Skillets to choose from, including our Mega Cinnamon Roll, Ultimate Lovers, Spicy Fiesta and Veggie lovers for Breakfast and Steak, Chicken, Grilled Shrimp or Combo Fajitas for lunch or dinner. Wow! With all these great skillet options, it’s no wonder that Kings is the best breakfast, lunch and dinner destination in Pittsburgh!

How do we make Kings Steel City Skillets even better? By celebrating with a giveaway, of course! We want YOU to come in and enjoy a Steel City Skillet … on us!

Kings Steel City Skillets

Introducing the Kings Steel City Skillets Giveaway! Your chance to win a FREE Kings Steel City Skillet of your choice!

How do you enter? Just check out the details below:

Kings Steel City Skillets

1. Click HERE to head to Kings Website.

2. Click on the Homepage Banner which will take you to the Kings Steel City Skillets Blog Post.

3. Click on the menu image to view the full Kings Steel City Skillets Menu.

4. Choose your favorite Kings Steel City Skillet.

5. Head back HERE to this Blog Post and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite Steel City Skillet is and why!

That’s it! Leave your comment below on this Blog Post and you will be entered to win! Comments can only be left on this Blog Post. Comments left on Kings Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube will not be counted.

Enter between today, Thursday August 11 and Monday, August 22 at 11:59PM EST. 8 lucky winners will be randomly selected as winners and announced on Tuesday, August 23 at 1:00PM EST. The 8 lucky winners will have 24 hours to respond before alternate winners are randomly selected.

Each winner will receive a FREE Kings Steel City Skillet of their choice at their chosen Kings Family Restaurant location.

For more good eats, check out the full Kings Menu! We have plenty of delicious options to choose from whatever you’re in the mood for — breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime in between. For the best value meals in Pittsburgh since 1967, click HERE to view our Main Menu.

With 30 locations all over the Pittsburgh area, you’re never too far away from Kings Goodness. Visit any of our locations today and find out what everyone in town is buzzing about. To find the Kings Family Restaurants nearest you, click HERE.

Will you be one of the 8 lucky winners of the Steel City Skillets Giveaway? Enter NOW!

Good luck, everybody!

Kings. Pittsburgh’s Family Restaurants. Life, Eat It Up!™


  1. Mary Bowman says:

    285 Woodridge Drive

  2. janine says:

    Spicy Fiesta, that will wake up me and my taste buds each morning, cant wait to try it soon

  3. Debbie Venturini says:

    I love the Ultimate meat lovers skillet. The chorizo really adds a kick!

  4. Lori Corson says:

    Spicy fiesta looks amazing

  5. Linda Zerfoss says:

    The best Kings Steel City Skillets in my opinion is the Ultimate Meat Lovers. It has everything I love including Italian sausage, kielbasa, chorizo and especially bacon. As you know everything is better with bacon. Add your vegies and of course the eggs and you’re set for the best meal.

  6. Linda Zerfoss says:

    My favorite is the Ultimate Meat Lovers. You have 3 different types of meat and of course, bacon and as you know, everything is better with bacon. Add your veggies and of course the eggs and you have the best meal.

  7. JIM Duffy says:

    I like them all

  8. shirley says:

    love the new kings

    • Liz Joyce says:

      Hi all,

      We particularly enjoy our Sunday dinners and breakfasts at Kings Restaurants! I appreciate your variety, quality and personable service!

  9. John Klepfer says:

    I like the Meat Lovers Skillet because I’m a neat and potatoes kind of guy!!

  10. Sara Diamond says:

    Mega Cinnamon Roll…

    A ‘GIANT’ hot fresh cinnamon roll, hot sweet drizzle all over the place….. Ahhhh, YES!!!!

  11. Eleanor Fetter says:

    Fav Steel City Skillet is Ultimate Meat Lovers. Why? It just makes a good breakfast!

  12. Shauna Karloski says:

    My favorite Kings Steel City Skillet is the Mega Cinnamon Roll because it is ooey, gooey, warm cinnamony goodness!

  13. Tammy Krenn says:

    819 Candor Road LOVE THE STEAK FAJITAS

  14. Joelene Hess says:

    Chicken Fajitas look delicious.

  15. Lori Yoder says:

    Love the spicy fiesta skillet, LOVE, LOVE LOVE it!!!!!

  16. Joanne says:

    I love the mega cinnamon roll. Bought one and brought it home to the family and it was devoured in 2 minutes! … Yum

  17. Michael Suslowicz says:

    Steak fajitas- great combination of flavors.

  18. Erin Billingsley-Adams says:

    The Ultimate Meat Lovers is my favorite Steel City Skillet! You can’t beat four types of meat sizzling as it makes its way to your table. The potatoes, onions, peppers, and cheese add the perfect balance of flavor; but the two eggs on top are like the icing on the cake!

  19. Gene Slevinski says:

    Steak skillet looks scrumptiously delicious!

  20. Tom M says:

    Gotta love the Mega Cinnamon roll! There is so much that even when everyone else at the table wants to try some, there is still more than enough left over for me!

  21. Martha says:

    My favorite would be the cinnamon roll as i love cinnamon

  22. chris conrad says:

    I love kielbasa for breakfast and this looks incredible.

  23. Pat Hindsman says:

    All of the skillets look great, it would be a hard decision to pick which one to eat first.

  24. Vicki Sloan says:

    Haven’t had one yet but would love to try the steak fajitas Steel City Skillet!!! Looks amazing!! Or maybe the humongous Steel City Skillet cinnamon roll! 🙂

  25. Diane Zidik says:

    love the veggies skillet, great variety of veggies grilled together.

  26. Nikki says:

    Steak because it was juicy and really good.

  27. John Schlott says:

    The Ultimate Meat Lovers is my favorite. I am a carnivore at heart. A meal isn’t complete without a meat dish.

  28. ultimate meat lovers would be my favorite because it has all the yummy meats,cheese,and potatoes i love.

  29. DEE RAGO says:

    Steak fajitas- most flavorful.

  30. Kim K says:

    Favorite Steel City Skillet is Steak fajitas

  31. Jennifer says:

    While that Mega cinnamon roll is very tempting, the Veggie simply looks like an amazing way to start the day!!

  32. MARK RAGO says:

    ULTIMATE MEAT LOVERS fills me up until dinner.

  33. Judy says:

    Steak Fajita seems fabulous!

  34. Mary says:

    I love the combo fajita dinner, all 3 of my favorite meats in one dinner, plus fajitas?! This means less carbs for me and a tummy that’s full of protein to keep me full longer!
    Plus all the fixins’ with the meal itself, fantastic!

  35. Wilma P says:

    I love cinnamon rolls and I am heading to Kings Saturday for the Mega Cinnamon Roll

  36. BROWN ANTHONY says:

    Fajitas steak skillet for me

  37. jane Hilligoss says:

    Looks like a Grand cinnamon roll, and it has my name on it!

  38. Maryann Janssen says:

    Tried the Cinnamon Roll skillet and loved it.

  39. Sharon Oakes says:

    Definitely the Mega Cinnamon Roll. I bought one and had to share it with my kids it is so BIG. But, OMG, so delicious!!!!

  40. Maryann Janssen says:

    Tried the Cinnamon Roll skillet and loved it. Would recommend everyone to try it.

  41. Linda Karchner says:

    Mega Cinnamon Roll – too decadent to eat by myself – definitely must share with my kids!l lol

  42. AMY says:

    These Steel City Skillets are all terrific. So hard to choose so I will pick the combo with steak, chicken & shrimp!

  43. Moira says:

    Tough to choose – they all look good! But since I usually go to Kings for breakfast, I’m most interested in trying the ultimate meat lovers skillet! Looks yummy!

  44. Kevin Schafer says:

    It’s a tough choice, but I would go for the Ultimate Meat Lovers as my favorite.

  45. PK says:

    Shrimp Fajitas look awesome!

  46. Geo says:

    Kielbasa for breakfast, sounds good to me!

  47. Ellen Grabe says:

    Steak fajitas skillet looks good to me, followed by a mega cinnamon roll!

  48. Cynthia Ripple says:

    I love cinnamon rolls! I can’t wait to get one today. Looks like the yummiest cinnamon roll on the planet! Please keep them on the menu forever!

  49. Elizabeth Ames says:

    Combo Fajitas – I love steak, chicken, and shrimp so I’d want to have all of them.

  50. Pam Greenawalt says:

    My Favorite Kings Steel City Skillet is the Cinnamon Roll, It tastes just like my homemade cinnamon rolls!!

  51. Rita says:

    Meat Lovers skillet is the best!

  52. If I won I would try the Grilled Shrimp Fajitas.

  53. Barry says:

    My favorite food is steak fajitas, so that’s the skillet that gets my nod. Great taste!

  54. Dan Florek says:

    I have to go say the “Spicy Fiesta” is awesome. A little taste of Mexico in the “Burgh”!!

  55. Janet Lorditch says:

    Anything from Kings., love the spicy skillet. All the waitress & food r excellent & priced fairly.

  56. Nanette Briscoe says:

    The Veggie Lover’s Breakfast Skillet looks absolutely delicious. Add advocado for .99. I am in heaven! Thank you Kings!

  57. Robin McRoberts says:

    These skillets are amazing! Love that steak fajita!!!

  58. Tom Jageman says:

    Ultimate Meat Lovers because I ultimately love meat

  59. Jim says:

    South side strawberry every thing about it is delicious.

  60. Deborah Coup says:

    The Cinnamon Skillet looks delicious!

  61. Linda says:

    wow I’d love to try the steel city shrimp skillet they need to bring a King’s closer to where I live

  62. Terri Lancaster says:

    The Mega Cinnamon Roll is perfect to share with a friend over coffee 🙂

  63. Sue Burket says:

    The mega cinnamon roll is my favorite of the steel city skillet meals. I’d like to try it to decide whether it is a meal or a dessert.

  64. Deb Hicks says:

    Chicken Fajitas…Loved it, cooked to perfection, ready for round two!

  65. Phil Harrison says:

    My favorite is the Spicy Fiesta Skillet because I always like a little spice in my life!

  66. Barbara Beer says:

    The. Cinnamon. Roll is the best skillet. Ever

  67. rockinf says:

    Meat Lovers Breakfast, It will spice up your day as well as fill you up!!!

  68. Denise Scarbrough says:

    The one I think looks amazing….the cinnamon roll!!!!!!!!

  69. greta says:

    Veggie lovers skillet is the best, mushroom peppers and egg?! Just like I’d make at home and at a reasonable price

  70. maryann says:

    mega cinnamon roll – I love cinnamon rolls & this looks absolutely delicious!!!

  71. Karen Gilbert says:

    I haven’t tried one yet, but the Mega Cinnamon roll looks mighty tasty!!!

  72. jim shaffer says:


  73. Kerry T says:

    Toss up between the veggie lovers and the fajitas for my favorite skillet!

  74. Linda King says:

    346 McGirts Rd

  75. Susan Lindenburg says:

    Mega Cinnamon sounds delicious.

  76. Linda King says:

    You can’t go wrong if you order any of the Steel City Skillet meals!

  77. jim chikar says:

    love the cinnamon roll skillet. Ate it in a few sittings and was delicious. Had a few now. Highly recommend it

  78. Gary says:

    The Mega Cinnamon Roll is the best tasting cinnamon roll I have tasted!

  79. Melissa says:

    I love chicken fajitas yummmmyyyy!

  80. Jennifer Harvey says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of these, but given the chance to, I think I would go for the combination skillet because I can’t choose just one….and then I would probably share the cinnamon roll skillet for desert…

  81. Charyn says:

    The cinnamon roll skillet looks absolutely scrumptious!

  82. Susan Nirella says:

    I so enjoy the Veggie Lovers skillet. Plenty of veggies done just the way I like them. Plus, this meal includes avocado slices! Yes!!!

  83. Mary Grace O'Connor DeFilippis says:

    Hooray for the the Steel City Skillet. Can’t wait to try all of them.

  84. Anita Renner says:

    I enjoy everyone of the Steel City skillets! They are all yummy! Best breakfast and dinner around! Love them all! Wish I was eating one right now!

  85. Ray O'Rourke says:

    The combo fajitas with steak, shrimp, and chicken sounds scrumptious! Strawberry breakfast also looks great.

  86. Kathy Kasiorek says:

    You asked me to pick only one favorite out of all the great Steel City Skillets ?!! If it has to be just one then the Veggie Lovers, all those great tasting, healthy vegetables – or the steak fajitas, love tex mex food – or, yeah, the mega cinnamon roll with all that ooey gooey sweetness – or….Sorry I can’t pick just one, all of your skillets are delicious and now thinking about them makes me want one for dinner. We’ll se seeing you for dinner tonight.

  87. Trudy says:

    I love the Combo Fajitas because I don’t have to choose…..

  88. Martha Buckingham says:

    The Mega Cinnamon Roll is awesome.

  89. Robert Phillips says:

    The meat lovers is just Awesome!!!!

  90. Kristen Hawley says:

    Mmmm – it’s a tie for me – between the Ultimate Meat Lovers Skillet and the MEGA Cinnamon Roll Skillet. I have a giant sweet tooth so I’d probably pick the MCR skillet when it came time to order. 🙂

  91. David Morgan says:

    Steak fajita skillet. Excellent. Keeps me going for a long, hard day at work!

  92. Richard Francis says:

    I love the spicy fiesta… and the meat lovers…and the the steak fajitas…don’t make me choose ai want one of each!!!…If I have to choose I’m going south of the border with the Spicy fiesta…Ole!

  93. Lisa Griffith says:

    Chicken skillet is delicious. Would like to try the other ones

  94. Chrissy Schantz says:

    I love the Veggie Lovers Skillet! I’m a busy Step Mom, who just got married, moved into a house and have the best three kids now in my life. I’m always looking for something filling and healthy and the Veggie Lovers is a perfect meal that accomplishes the balance and nutrition I’m looking for! Awesome!

  95. lois watkins says:

    Chicken fajitas

  96. lois watkins says:

    Chicken fajitas are the best in this town

  97. Hank Farrell says:

    Nothing better than lots of meat, eggs and potatoes for breakfast.

  98. Lorraine Valenta says:

    The Ultimate Meat lovers Breakfast! It has all the right foods to start your day healthy….meat vegetables and bread!

  99. Janet Smithee says:

    Fav Steel City Skillet is Ultimate Meat Lovers. Why? Because it’s filling and well worth the price!

  100. lisa mowers says:

    I love kings

  101. Sarah Jones says:

    The cinnamon roll is my favorite!! dessert is always a winner!

  102. Doug says:

    I like the shrimp one. It is s great meal and an excellent price,plus it fills you up.

  103. Terry says:

    It’s a toss-up between the shrimp and the 3 in one option. I can never get enough shrimp

  104. Jim says:

    All of these breakfasts sound great but the steak fajita sounds totally amazing

  105. Myla Pearce says:

    Oooooh that Mega Cinnamon Roll is incredible! Just looking at it makes me drool. It’s so big you can make two meals out of it. The soft melty frosting tops it off for the ultimate indulgence. You can’t get this anywhere else.

  106. Jeffrey says:

    Ultimate meat lovers goes together so well with my taste buds.

  107. Nancy Rowley says:

    I love breakfast at Kings! They have GREAT coffee too.

  108. Mary O says:

    So, the Ultimate Meatlovers looks awesome!

  109. Marc Rosenberg says:

    I vote for the Shrimp Fajitas so I can feel like I am in Cancun.

  110. Randy says:

    The cinnamon roll made my wife smile,

  111. Bob says:

    261 Kohlersburg Rd.

  112. bill pericht says:

    Great flavors, great combo!

  113. Bob says:

    The meat lovers skillet is delicious!!

  114. ROY says:


  115. Todd stitt says:

    Can’t get any better than a steak fajita skillet

  116. Bradley says:

    They all look good, but I’d go for the Ultimate Meat Lovers. It looks fantastic and you can never have enough meat on a skillet! Throw a little hot sauce on there and I’d be set!

  117. Anthony Setto says:

    The South Side Strawberry Breakfast looks the best! Great looking breakfast to start off your day.

  118. Pam says:

    Sounds wonderful. All the great flavors. Combo Fajitas, Yum!

  119. James Byrd says:

    Combo Fajiitas

  120. Leslie says:

    The ultimate Meat Lovers looks delicious.

  121. Nancy Neill says:

    The cinnamon roll is delicious, great as leftovers as well. It is the best cinnamon roll I have ever eaten

  122. Courtney says:

    Cinnamon roll looks delicious

  123. Ervin says:

    The ultimate Meat Lovers is a GREAT meal!!!

  124. Karen says:

    Mega cinnamon rollyum!

  125. Mary Beth Carelle says:

    Mega Cinnamon Roll PLEASE.

  126. "SPRINT" NEBEL says:

    The combo fajitas with steak, chicken, & shrimp is my favorite SKILLET. The steak fajitas SKILLET is a very close second. They didn’t make anything THIS good when I worked there!!

  127. Richard Williard says:

    They all sound good to me!

  128. Tammy Hazlett says:

    The giant cinnamon roll. I love the desserts lol

  129. Courtney Kern says:

    Mmmmmmm……..giant cinnamon roll……ahhhhhh……creamy icing…..ohhhh

  130. Patricia Wrobel says:

    Very hard decision but my favorite would be the Combination Fajitas because it has all my favorites in one place. Can’t beat that!

  131. Julie says:

    The combo fajitas sizzling in a pan would cover all bases!!

  132. tina wonderling says:

    hard decision to pick one..but it would have to be the ultimate meat lovers! thanks!

  133. Pat Cory says:

    Wow! Those all look so good. I would probably choose the Combo Fajita Dinner so I could try all three.

  134. Carole D says:

    I think the fajita ones sound great, although they all sound wonderful.

  135. Kim Knopsnyder says:

    Steak fajitas is my favorite. Live Mexican food.

  136. Janice says:

    Love that big cinnamon roll!

  137. Joni says:

    OMG!!! Cinnamon Skillet…PLEASE !!!!!!

  138. Joni says:

    CInnamon Skillet…..PLEASE !!!!

  139. Lillian jordan says:

    Steak Fajita looks like my favorite because it looks like a balance of protein and veggies and would be very filling

  140. cindy poplyk says:

    Meat lovers…..my husband and I love all kinds especially with eggs and potatoes.

  141. Jen says:

    Chicken fajitas, a classic.

  142. Hilda says:

    Ultimate meat lovers. Can’t beat breakfast any time of the day.

  143. Linda Wanco says:

    Steak or Chicken Fajitas

  144. Ally says:

    Lovin’ the veg options! I could never say no to the MEGA cinnamon roll!

  145. Chicken is my first choice. It suits my lo-fat diet,

  146. Ela LeJeune says:

    I gotta try that meat lover’s skillet. Help me out here!

  147. Laurel G says:

    Steak fajitas…but it’s a hard decision!!

  148. Melissa F says:

    The hard part is picking just one! I would have to say the Veggie Lover Steel City Skillet is my favorite because of all the fresh and soft, yet crisp vegetables really combine great with my eggs. It really is one of my favorite ways to enjoy breakfast. Of course, with a side of bacon and a delicious cup of coffee too!

  149. Brian Shoup says:

    Cinnamon Roll just looks so good, it says eat me now!

  150. So far I have tried the: cinnamon cake, and the combo is really excellent.

  151. jim jefferis says:

    chicken fajita or combo fajita for dinner, the south side strawberry for breakfast

  152. Kathy Mansell says:

    It would have to be the cinnamon roll or the veggie skillet. The cinnamon roll would certainly satisfy my sweet tooth! Although they all look good. Thanks you much!

  153. Harvey Parker says:

    4509 Bulltown Road
    I have had the meat lovers skillet several times now. It is very tasty. It is a little spicy but not hot. Great meal for sure!

  154. Emilia CLune says:

    Mega Cinnamon Roll is Heaven to my belly! FEED THE BUDDAH! lol

  155. Ed Turk says:

    Ultimate Meat Lovers is hearty and filling, perfect combo!

  156. Patty DOuble says:

    Veggie lovers (If you leave out the peppers)

  157. Judy says:

    Make mine the Veggie Lovers–I’m just that kind of a girl. They all look very tempting though.

  158. peter says:

    love kings for many years in our area and the skillets look so delicious . Hope to get there soon to taste all of them eventually

  159. G A Wood says:

    Steak Fajitas Skillet is my choice. It has everything for a great meal!

  160. ja atkinson says:

    my pick would have to be meat lovers

  161. Trish Young says:

    definitely the veggie lovers…never met a veggie I didn’t like…

  162. Shelly says:

    The Shrimp skillet looks great- I want to win it!

  163. Joann says:

    Ultimate Meat Lovers

  164. Joann says:

    The Ultimate Meat lLovers

  165. Hank Baron says:

    VEGGIE LOVER is the skillet I want to try. Watching my carbs.

  166. Carrie Grafton says:

    Haven’t tried one yet…would like to try the veggie lovers…picture makes it look awesome.

  167. Mike&Karen says:

    My husband and I have a lively debate over which Skillet meal is the best! My favorite…Veggie Lovers Skillet! I love the perfectly grilled, healthy blend of veggies with amazing flavor. For me adding avocado gives it the right balance for a very nutritional meal. My husband’s favorite however, is your Combo Fajitas Skillet with the chicken, steak and shrimp! He says you have perfected the mouth-watering, juicy blend of meat and veggies that only leaves you wanting more! (I would have to add guacamole to the Combo ) Thank you King’s…for always providing great food, service, pricing, and all around best atmosphere for our family!

  168. Marianne says:

    I love the Combo. I can never decide among steak, chicken, or shrimp. So the perfect decision it to have all three!! Yum.

  169. Ryan says:

    Ultimate Meat lovers for me, and Mega Cinamon roll too, well actually I wouldn’t turn my nose to any of them!

  170. Chantal Germek says:

    The spicy fiesta skillet looks AMAZING!!

  171. Judy Nieman says:

    I love the meat lover’s skillet

  172. cindy says:

    I would have to go with the cinnamon roll for breakfast, and the chicken fajita for lunch or dinner

  173. Liz says:

    Ultimate Meat Lovers looks like the best; but, they all look delicious!

    • Pat Diemert says:

      Seniors like us like all of these, just because we are past our prime does not make our
      Appitites fade, bring them on. Yum

  174. Amy says:

    The grilled shrimp fajita skillet looks amazing!!

  175. Leroy Smith says:

    My pick would be the Combo Fajita Skillet and my wife’s would be the Veggie Skillet. We enjoy eating at our local restaurant. The servers are always polite and willing to accommodate us. Will look forward to trying one of the new skillets.

  176. Mark G says:

    I’ll go for the Meat Lovers, though the Cinnamon Roll sure looks good!

  177. Janice says:

    Spicy Fiesta is my favorite and getting to add avacados…YUM!

  178. David Critchfield says:

    My favorite is the meat lovers skillet but I love them all.

  179. Leah says:

    Mega Cinnamon Roll skillet! You cannot go wrong with a cinnamon roll, especially MEGA size!

  180. Vi Catone says:

    Veggie Skillet….Kings veggies are always so fresh and good …makes my tummy growl just thinking about a veggie skillet

  181. Robert Yeager says:

    Sorry I haven’t tried any for some reason I can’t get past your basic eggs, bacon and cheesy potatoes.

  182. Chicken fajitas…love them in the skillet.

  183. KD says:

    We can’t wait to try the steel City skillet. Hopefully we win, but it looks well worth paying for too! The veggie lovers and the cinnamon roll ones look GREAT!

  184. Gerry says:

    Can’t wait to try the Steak Fajita Skillet. Looks yummy!

  185. Mary says:

    Steel City skillets are awesome!

  186. Naomi says:

    I love the Mega Cinnamon Roll because I can share it

  187. Jan says:

    It was hard to narrow it down to just one, but I picked the Veggie Lovers.

  188. Ariana Steeley says:

    I haven’t gotten the chance to try any of the skillets yet. But that cinnamon roll sounds heavenly for breakfast! The spicy fiesta looks amazing also

  189. Jan says:

    It is a very hard choice, but I am going with the Veggie Lovers.

  190. david bell says:

    Steak Fajita Skillet for sure!

  191. Gretchen Inabinet says:

    Chicken fajitas,
    Veggie skillet &
    Mega cinnamon roll!
    They are delicious!
    We love kings!

  192. Lorraine Shrader says:

    Like variety.

  193. Holly says:

    Mega cinnamon roll looks like a wonderful treat. I would love the others if they did not have peppers.

  194. Janice says:

    I haven’t tried any yet, But would Love too. I’m a meat & potato type of girl. So I think I would try the Ultimate Meat Lovers. And of course the Mega Cinnamon Roll! YUMMY!! Can’t leave that out!

  195. cindy says:

    I would like to try the veggie lovers skillet

  196. Jean says:

    Can’t wait to try it

  197. Joe Vause says:

    While they all sound great, I would have to choose the Cinnamon Roll! Why? Why not! It’s huge, warm, gooey and oh so perfect!

  198. Kathy says:

    I have such a sweet tooth, it would,have to be the Cinnamon Roll Skillet! Looks great!

  199. Mary Kreinbrook says:

    I love a steak and veggie dinner, and the taste is very satisfying and looks appetizing, way to go Pittsburgh

  200. Amy Wright says:

    I am personally a fan of the Steak Fajitas skillet! You can never go wrong with some mexican-inspired food. The peppers and onions add just enough of a kick, while the sour cream and tortillas would put it all together!— DELICIOUS! Though I’d also love to try the cinnamon roll skillet for breakfast!

  201. MCthatsme says:

    I love the sound of the Ultimate Meat Lovers Skillet. The sound of all those different savoury meats with the eggs and cheese combined sound absolutely delicious.

  202. Shirley C says:

    My choice is Ultimate Meat Lovers meal. All the great meat, vegetables and cheese – this meal will carry you thru the rest of the day. Delish!!

  203. Mary says:

    For me, the Veggie Lovers Skillet with grilled veggies, avocado and eggs makes any day a great day! Yippee!

  204. Debbie says:

    Meat Lovers is the best … although they are all pretty good!

  205. Joseph F. Bechtel says:

    115 Shay Street Seneca PA 16346 I try to eat at kings for dinner and take my sister out for dinner. I would like to try the veggie lovers skillet this Sunday with my sister. And then I will Comment. I get payed Friday.

  206. Robert Warren says:

    Love the meat lovers skillet. Lots to eat and sooooo delicious.

  207. Maja Ruble says:

    Meat lovers or veggie lovers? I can’t make up my mind! They all look good…

  208. Jennifer Whiteford says:

    All of the skillets look delicious! I would have to say the combo fajita skillet would be to die for! 😛

  209. Debb K says:

    Those Skillets ALL look mighty tasty…but for a Northwest Pennsylvania gal #1 fave would have to be Meat lovers; what else ?

  210. Anname Hilf says:

    I love the huge cinnamon roll because it reminds me of being young. My mother made homemade cinnamon buns very frequently. I remember eating the warm cinnamon rolls, so delicious!!!!

  211. Anname Hilf says:

    I love the huge cinnamon roll because it reminds me of being young. My mother made homemade cinnamon buns very frequently. I remember eating the warm cinnamon rolls, so delicious!!!!

  212. Carol says:

    It’s a tie between Meat Lovers (I love meat!) and the Mega Cinnamon Roll (who doesn’t love cinnamon???)

  213. I would love to try the shrimp skillet. I’ve tried the meatlovers and really liked it because the cook at my King’s knows how to prepare any meal! The combination in each skillet makes them complete!!

  214. Carole says:

    Mega Cinnamon Roll – I’m a sweet lover!!

  215. Carole says:

    Mega Cinnamon Roll – I’m a sweet lover!!

  216. Michelle Trusiak says:

    Giant cinnamon roll ! Best cheat day meal ever !

  217. Charlene Deeter says:

    Id have to say the ultimate meat lovers looks really good

  218. Tim says:

    Meat lovers delicious my favorite had one last night

  219. Bill V says:

    Can’t decide which one I like best. Best case, go with the conbo skillet

  220. tina wonderling says:


  221. Brian Marty says:

    Ultimate Meat Lovers

  222. Floyd Camp says:

    Against my doctor’s advise, I would choose that gigantic cinnamon roll.

  223. Jim Moore says:

    I would choose the Ultimate Meat Lovers’ Skillet. I love the look of that meal and really enjoy the variety of meat along with plenty of potatoes. It’s a winner! Thank you. Jim

  224. Fred Isabella says:

    My wife and I have tried the Strawberry and the Cinnamon skillet, both are great and the Cinnamon is split-able. Keep up the great work.

  225. Alfred Fantuzzo says:

    Steak Fajita Skillet because I love Steak

  226. Alfred Fantuzzo says:

    Steak Fajita Skillet because I love steak and peppers.

  227. Alfred Fantuzzo says:

    I love Fajitas

  228. Jaime says:

    I need to try the meat lovers skillet with the cinnamon roll for dessert! Mmmmm please pick me! My two teenage girls took all my money for back to school shopping and it’s my birthday in a few days!lol

  229. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    The spicy fiesta.

  230. Linda Hilliard says:

    I choose the Shrimp Fajita because shrimp is one of my favorite foods. The combo is the best for that I can’t decide.

  231. Sue says:

    Shrimp fiesta and mega cinnamon roll. Absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait to try them all

  232. Elizabeth Deringer says:

    Spicy Fiesta!

  233. kathy brewer says:

    I didn’t get to try them yet. The shrimp Fajitas looks delicious! Would love to try it soon.